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HII's Footprint

Our Story

HII is an innovative company developing tailored healthcare solutions for clients around the world, responding to the growing demand to share the skills and experience of the UK health system internationally. We believe that health systems should be designed around the needs of people, that control of their health should be put in the hands of the individual and that convention should be challenged in designing health systems of the future. 


In addition to the UK, we are currently operating in the Middle East and China.


Our purpose is threefold:


  • Promote efficiency and innovation in the design and operation of health infrastructure and technology, designed to combat the threat of Climate Change;

  • Support the development of professionals in health system design and management;

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world.


The company will thrive on partnership and share growth opportunities with leading health-related organisations and a network of skilled individuals who share the same commercial and altruistic values.

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